Dorcheser drop-in group recently spent time discussing meeting up and getting on well in a group. They worked together and complied some tips for adults with autism.

Tips complied by Dorchester drop-in group.

Arranging a meet up

  • Ask others if they want to meet up (face to face, Facebook, email, text, phone)
  • Decide on a venue
  • Set a time
  • Remember to always let people know if you can or can’t make it
  • Don’t put pressure on others to attend
  • Perhaps make arrangements with one person first and then together spread the invite
  • Arrange to meet outside a venue if you don’t want to walk in alone (or travel together)
  • If there is someone new to the group make sure you introduce and include them

Possible activities - It is often easier to have an activity to take the pressure off making conversation. Suggested activities:

  • Cinema
  • Pub Games (skittles alley, darts, pool)
  • Bowling
  • Library/Book Club
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Shopping
  • Gym or exercise class
  • Crafts 
  • Art/Language class
  • Church
  • National Trust places
  • Museum visits

NB: Some of these activities can be expensive

Conversation ‘Do’s’ & ‘Don’ts – Talking in a group can be tricky. Conversation suggestions:

  • Appropriate volume and tone – not too loud, not too quiet
  • Be cautious about swearing, it can be offensive
  • Appropriate topics – nothing too personal, start with small talk ‘Do you come here much?’, the weather
  • Listen and show interest to others to keep chat going
  • Encourage others to join the conversation, especially if they are being quiet 
  • Try not to interrupt or talk over others
  • Try and join in with related subjects or to change the subject lead with ‘to change the subject…’
  • Topics often best avoided are politics, religion or even which football team you support

Personal Space - Try to be aware of other peoples personal space

  • This can be physical, how close you stand or sit next to someone
  • This can also be communication, lots of texts and calls can be intimidating

During the session the group also discussed traffic light systems for feelings and fun topics for conversations.

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